39.0000C Priekaba Iron Eco 700 + dėžė + gervė


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Additional product information
Material               Galvanized / powdercoated steel
Trailer full dimensions  width 1300mm x height 1900mm 

 adjustable lenght 2500mm - 3500mm
Packed dimensions  width 1050mm x lenght 2070mm x height 1060mm (2,3cbm)
 Tyres  4 x all terrain type, 22 x 12 - 8
 Weight  300 kg
 Load capacity  700 kg
 Crane lift capacity  Up to 150 kg (depending the crane lenght and positioning)
Other information
 360 degrees rotating hitch coupling 
 Adjustable lenght of the trailer
 Max possible lenght of carriage is 3m

 Removable cargo box (manual lift or lifting via supplied crane)

 Crane for pulling the logs or lifting the cargo box

 Tandem axle with 4 wheel

Trailer offers good value / performance ratio, suitable for customers using it for lighter or occasional works. For more frequent / heavy duty use we recommend Iron Baltic produced "Pro" series ATV trailers.

 Product imported and improved / assembled by Iron Baltic  

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