Doohan iTango HO Elektrinis Motoroleris


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AM category from 15 years old

Strong motor power

Customized BOSCH motor with high power output and driving force smooth.
Three hydraulic disc brake and EABS electronic brake system.
Quick response, more safety, more energy recovery, it will be effectively range

Rated power: 1200W
Max torque: 115N.m
Max climbing angle 12°

More range

LG/Panasonic, original imported high-performance lithium
battery with3200mAh battery capacity, delicate lithium bat-
tery pack, a range of 90km (25km/h) and 10.4kg weights.
BMS includes eight items of intelligent battery manage-

Short charging time (quick charge mode): 3h
Enduring cruising: 70km(25km/h) / 50km(45km/h)
weight 10.4kg

More safety and
more funs

New R&D DDWT-S technology (Underneath side-deflection dual-front-wheel 
system), to continue the ultimate driving and safety driving experience with light-
weight design,dazzling appearance and multiple breakthroughs of steering 
angles. Even if you riding on the same road, but driving experience is different, let
us like this way to enjoy driving life.

Maximum drop height between two wheels: 160mm
Front track: 460mm
Roll angle: 30 laipsnių
Maximum turning angle: 34°

Science light up the future life

LED light, specifically designed for iTango.Aesthetics reengineering,design realization and
function are perfect performed. More technical elements are integrated into the intelligent
system, not only driving safety, but also warm and sweet care for you.

Dimensions: 1648 mm x 651 mm x 1100 mm
Front track: 460 mm
Wheelbase: 1150 mm
Max. load capacity: 154 kg
Weight: 56kg(not including battery)
Rated voltage: 48 V
Battery weight: 10.4 kg
People: 2

Battery: 48V26AH Lithium battery
Motor: 1200W(Rated power) BOSCH Motor
Rim: Aluminum
Braking: Three Hydraumatic Disc Brake

Range 50km(45km/h), 70km(25km/h)
Speed: 25km/h (Limited speed mode)
45km/h (Max speed mode)

Color: Red, Black, White, Blue
Intelligent system: D-master 2.0-Plus
Dashboard: LCD
Front Suspension system: DDWT-S
Cruise Control: Yes
Charge time/Quick Charge: 5.5h/Yes
Charge: 5A
Roll-Lock System: Yes
Front shock absorber Sleeve, oil damping
Rear shock absorber Sleeve, oil damping
Cushion Height: 740mm
Max. angle of inclination: ≤ 30° 
Maximum steering angle: ≤ 34° 
Maximum drop height of front wheel 180mm
Battery protection system: Over discharge protection, short-circuit protection, temperature protection, overcharge protection overcurrent protection, balance protection of battery

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